Design Build Tiny is delivering homes to anywhere in the US

We sell affordable, artisan homes that can meet any budget.

Design Build Tiny is delivering homes to anywhere in the US

We sell affordable, artisan homes that can meet any budget.

Design Build Tiny is delivering homes to anywhere in the US

We sell affordable, artisan homes that can meet any budget.

Design Build Tiny is delivering homes to anywhere in the US

We sell affordable, artisan homes that can meet any budget.

Design Build Tiny is delivering homes to anywhere in the US

We sell affordable, artisan homes that can meet any budget.

Design Build Tiny is delivering homes to anywhere in the US

We sell affordable, artisan homes that can meet any budget.

Design Build Tiny is delivering homes to anywhere in the US

We sell affordable, artisan homes that can meet any budget.

Certified green tiny house

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) 

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Tiny Houses on Wheels 

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Prefab Homes

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3D Printed Homes

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Looking for a Tiny Home, an ADU, Tiny Home on Wheels, or a Granny Flat for Sale

Reinvent Your Lifestyle to Enjoy Every Moment!

You may be feeling overburdened by all your current the mortgage loans and expenses in your life.? Apart from building pressure on your mind, you miss out on a lot in life. Trying to meet these expenses keeps you so preoccupied. You eventually realize that you have missed out on the important things in life, like your family, friends, and hobbies. But what can we docan you be done about this? I mean, we all know these things Certain expenses in life are inevitable. Affordable housing is has become a thing of the past. Well, that’s exactly where you’re quite mistakenThis is not entirely true though. What if we tell you that You may be surprised to find out that you can free yourself from these huge mortgages and rents without compromising on the quality of your life?. Sounds too good to be true, right?It may be sounding too good to be true.

You Better Believe It…

Design-Build Tiny is Here

with a Solution!

You can now get affordable housing with a habitable living space by getting a tiny home, and nobody is going to give you a better one than us. So, free yourself from all that financial burden and move into these small single-family homes made on minimum square footage.


What Exactly are Tiny Homes?

If you haven’t heard of them, then maybe you’ve heard of words like cottage, shelter, hut, or cabin. Tiny homes are their more modern and updated versions. Tiny homes are simply houses of very small size, sometimes even on wheels, which include almost all of an individual’s necessities. They are much easier on the pocket and can even allow you to travel around on them. Simply put, they give you the comfort of having your own luxurious home at a much lower price.

What Tiny Homes Offer You?

The question then arises, how can you have affordable housing without forcing yourself to have extra income? Let us explain why you need to get your own contemporary tiny house as soon as possible.

1. It won’t leave you broke

If you have ever sat down and calculated how much money you need to buy a house,  you might have given up on the idea altogether. Do not lose hope. Getting a tiny home is going to give you the satisfaction of having your own place. You won’t even owe much money.

2. No need to worry about the distant future

When people buy a new house, one of the biggest worries they have is thinking about the distant future and whether this would be a good investment. This is justified, seeing the HUGE amount they are spending. When buying these small design houses, you won’t spend ages worrying about when you will finish paying it because you’re spending much, much less.

3. You’re playing your part in saving the planet

If you’re someone who worries about the environment, you have the option of playing your part by deciding to purchase a tiny home. If you get your little house on wheels, using solar or wind energy to power your tiny house is an option. You can also build a rainwater capture and filter system and add a composting toilet.

4. Declutter and give yourself a fresh start

After a few years in a standard home, things start to pile up everywhere. Adopting the tiny living idea allows you to take a hard look at your belongings and choose what is truly important to you. It also allows moving to be much easier.

5. Won’t have to spend hours cleaning

With a smaller space comes a little mess. Sweeping will take only a few minutes. Dusting would take even less. This may be a letdown for those who enjoy cleaning. However, if you despise cleaning, these tiny cabin houses will provide a distinct advantage.

6. Oou’re not bound to live in one place

If you get a tiny movable home with wheels, you will have the option of tying it to a vehicle and transporting it to a new area. Having a tiny home makes it surprisingly easy to explore new areas. Whether you’re looking to relocate or simply go on vacation, you can travel without having to carry a bag.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Step into the World of Minimalism!

Contact us now and begin designing your very own tiny home

But what if you are having trouble coming up with even this small budget amount and have no additional income. The state of California, too, understands what a great thing these tiny homes are. Under the CalHFA’s ADU Grant Program, homeowners will get up to $25,000 for predevelopment expenditures associated with building and occupying an ADU. So now, there is nothing stopping you from moving into your own little paradise.


ADU – Accessory Dwelling Unit:
Caring Without Compromising on

Your Privacy

We love our parents, but not all of us can afford good-quality nursing homes for them. The idea of them living all alone, far away from us, can keep us worried all the time. They might not need the care nursing homes are offering, and despite being old, they are able to do small tasks on their own. So in this situation, you are left with limited options.

Many would ask their parents to move in with them, but this may not be such a great idea. While some people have trouble with space, others feel as if they no longer have any privacy in their homes. You’re left with no more options.

That is exactly where Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) come in. This is a creative and cost-effective way to provide much-needed housing in California. It’s like getting secondary suites or a small guest house for your parents. Accessory Dwelling Units are also known as granny pods, granny flats, in-law suites, and tiny homes for aging relatives.

This small carriage house, in-law unit, or in-law suite is the perfect solution. ADUs give your parents the chance to live close by in a nice living space without compromising on how you feel in your personal space. It’s a win-win for everyone!

But this does not mean that these options are limited for our aged parents. These accessory units can be made for many people:

But this does not mean that these options are limited for our aged parents. These accessory units can be made for many people:

These built mobile homes may be tailored to various household kinds, income levels, career conditions, and life phases.

These tiny homes provide entry-level housing options for young people.

These single detached dwellings allow families to increase their living space beyond their principal residence.

ADUs allow empty nesters and others to downsize their living quarters while renting out their bigger homes or allowing an adult child and his or her family to live independently there in your backyard.

Why Choose Design-Build Tiny ?

We strive for perfection at Design-Build Tiny. We’ve continued to raise the bar by building small houses in Florida. Our expert contractors give luxury without making you pay for extra space. People have labeled our projects as “masterpieces of craftsmanship.” Our expertise in design, architecture, construction, and indoor surface finishes has improved living to new heights.

Our Mission

To provide a space where individuals may learn how living tiny can lead to a more satisfying life.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide creative housing alternatives to individuals throughout California and Florida. We provide affordable and life-enhancing homes that are also a delight for those living in them.

What We Do

Educate: Our team of experts will help inform you about everything you need to know. Contact us today so we can help you decide what you want and how you are going to get it.

Equip: Having a house constructed needs many different kinds of things, even if it is a tiny house. We offer everything you need to get started on your project, from small house plans to trailers designed expressly for building a home.

Build: Now that you are aware of everything you need to know and have all the things you need to make your tiny home, it’s time to turn your dream into a reality. Design-Build Tiny is a Tiny Home Builder that has been working to create both functional and also gorgeous homes. We’ve lived in very small spaces, so we understand that minor defects will affect your well-being. You would overlook that living in a larger home makes you want to fill the space with unnecessary stuff you may never need. In contrast, living in a compact home will force you to live with less and have fewer things to worry about. We cover every nook and corner, making it both useful and beautiful. We’re not only home builders, we’re also designers, carpenters, steelworkers, and mechanics. You will surely find no better place to meet all your requirements.

What Do We Have to Offer?


We start by offering you better building methods and a tried-and-true technique for completing projects on time and on budget. You can customize every little detail, including exterior and interior design. You will have a house plan that is sure to be exactly what you desire.


We believe that everyone who wishes to live in a small house should be able to do so. As a result, we spend time with customers, listening to their wants and concerns. We provide information on finance and insurance options. We will iron out everything before the project begins.


Our houses are both functional and aesthetically beautiful. We ensure structural integrity while offering the style and feel you choose. Our team will assure quality at every level. This is because we have both traditional workmanship and computer-assisted technology.


We make prefabricated buildings and modular tiny homes that are then assembled at your place. We’ll also suggest shipping partners that will bring your house to your site after the building is complete, based on dependability and cost.


You now have your very own tiny home! Move in, personalize it and begin enjoying the freedom that your small house has to offer.

Live Big in a Tiny Home!